Indo-European Sustainable Development (I.E.S.D.) is a first class partner for the internationalization of Italian and European companies towards the Indian market. It provides business consulting and finance services, and in some cases shares the entrepreneurial path with the company, becoming a stable partner of its projects.


Market Analysis

Brand/Company Analysis

– Business Model Analysis (Identification of Key Factors)
– Internal Resources/Know-how analysis

Indian Market Analysis

– Industrysize in India
– Market Drivers Analysis
– Competitive arena analysis

Legal Advisory

Advisory on Indian Law

– Target Industry Law and Regulation Analysis
– Process Compliance Assistance

Joint-Venture ContractImplementation

– Preparation , negotiation and drafting of Joint Venture contract
– Authorisations Acquisition Assistance

Business Development

Marketing Strategy

– Market Targeting
– Customers Targeting

Business Strategy

– Market entry Option Analysis
– Business Model Matching
– Business Plan Development

Business Scouting

– Partner selection activity
– Potential Partner Due Diligence
– Commercial Missions
– Institutional Delegations


– Dialogue with Governmental Agencies, Economic Institutions and Policy Makers

Risk Management

– Risks Identification
– Impact Risk Assessment
– Risk Mitigation Process

Financial Strategy

Strategic Planning

– Company Financial Analysis
– Financial options analysis

Financial Partner Identification

– IESD Financial Network Options
– Financial Scouting


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