Renewable Energy

Indo-European Sustainable Development promotes, develops and manages plants for renewable energy production in India in the fields of solar, biomass and mini-hydro. Through partnerships with engineering companies of first level it is able to handle all project steps, from feasibility studies to the start-up of the plant.

Business opportunities identification

We select the best investment opportunities in India through market analysis, our commercial relationships and environmental assessments


Our engineering team carries on the whole design process, from basic design to detailed engineering


We own and run the facilities we install, managing O&M activities in order to maximize our performances

Due Diligence

We conduct on-field analysis to assess site and interconnection requirements and permission procedures


By continually monitoring and analyzing project progress, we efficiently coordinate the timely, economical completion of our facility.


The future has never been so close
Solar technologies improve substantially year after year, filling the sustainability gap with fossil sources. While costs drop down, electric yields constantly increase.
Several indian States offer large extension of available and uncultivated land and exceptional irradiance rate.


We use energy that is around us
Rice, tomatoes, sugarcane are everyday life products that surround Indian people. We use vegetable residues that result from these resources in order to produce clean and constant energy.


The contemporary power of tradition
Mini-hydro combines the long tradition of hydroelectric engineering with innovative and not invasive systems. Highest technological reliability associated with environmental safeguard.


  • Owner Engineering
  • Conceptual and Basic Design
  • Front-End Engineering Design
  • Detailed Engineering Design (including all related Technical Disciplines)


  • Due Diligence, Regulatory support
  • Proposal Management and Bid Document preparation
  • Project Design Assessment and Validation
  • Technical and Economical Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Energy Audits and Services
  • Environmental Permits, Legal Authorizations and Building Certifications
  • Procurement and Sub-Contracting services
  • Project Management, Planning and Cost Control
  • Plant Commissioning and Start-Up, including Training of Operational Personnel

Asset Management

  • Field Management, including Technical Support and Testing
  • O&M Supervisioning
  • Monitoring and Reports
  • Health & Safety
  • Administrative and Fiscal Assistance
India is one of the most attractive renewable energy market worldwide.
In order to generate more electricity from clean energy sources, the National Government announced in 2015 a massive renewable power production target of 175,000 megawatt (MW) by 2022.
The revised total target includes:

  • 100GW from solar power
  • 60GW from wind energy
  • 10 GW from biomass energy
  • 5GW from small hydro power
At present, renewable energy contributes about 6.5% to the electricity mix and it is proposed that this would be taken to about 12% in the next three years.